First Central Mortgage Funding Inc.

May 21, 2009

First Central Mortgage Funding Inc is interested in providing assistance with our licensed mortgage specialists to financially assist with refinancing, renovations, housing and business developments and other ventures.

Commercial Mortgage Solution practices by First Central Mortgage Funding

May 21, 2009

From first-time homebuyer mortgages to raw land development projects, First Central Mortgage Funding can match any clients’ funding needs to a co-lender that will make their project a reality. First Central Mortgage Funding is a mortgage loan application company located in Toronto, Ontario who funds a full range of mortgages from $560,000 equity lines to $200 billion raw land construction projects. Over the past four years, the president and founder of First Central Mortgage Funding Inc. has led the company to close over 400 transactions, ranging from third mortgages to multi-million dollar developments.

The main services First Central Mortgage Funding provides are acquisition, refinance, and consultation on lending or funding needs. First Central Mortgage Funding follows a three-step process with each client or co-lender. The first step for a transaction is generating an outline of the potential project by completing a mortgage application. When an estimate of required funding is needed for a particular project, First Central Mortgage Funding distributes a clear statement to the client and the co-lender with detailed information about the agreement between the two parties. Once the terms of agreement have been completed and signed, attorneys complete the legal process and funds are allocated accordingly.

Keeping in close contact with corporate and individual co-lenders is very important for First Central Mortgage Funding Inc., as is maintaining a high level of funds to distribute across projects. It currently has $85 million in funds to distribute to clients on projects in which co-lenders demonstrate a high interest. Due to its creative solutions and monetary level, First Central Mortgage Funding can accept applications from clients that other companies and banks would decline or have refused to fund. To date, First Central Mortgage Funding Inc. has funded countless, significant projects, such as a $20,000 third mortgage that kept a family from becoming homeless.

First Central Mortgage Funding Inc. only funds through licensed mortgage brokers (we do not accept applications directly from the general public, please contact your local broker to make an application to us).